Saturday, December 30, 2006

U Shibby Shibby Ya Ya

Shibuya, also in the MGM was an old timey-favorite with BrokeDaMouth. About three years ago I came here with my bro, and had a revelatory experience with ikura, the soy cured salmon roe that glistens so lascivously.

"Sexy time!"

I then appointed Shibuya my favorite Japanese resto, perhaps even my favorite resto in the world!

But, I am older, wiser BrokeDaMouth now. In the old-timey days, college days to be exact, while I was certainly a sushi fiend, I was not really flush with cash. So most of my sushi experiences were in the old Miyakes-pound-sakebombs vein. Philly rolls, Gyoza Rainbow rolls, yummy stuff to be sure, but not really high end.

So Cal and I wandered into Shibuya and I remember ordering the sake flight because I was 21, and then chancing the ikura, which I recalled my parents liking. Since the ikura was shiny and happy and not deflated, it tasted lovely. The crazy decor also made me love the place. But of course, that was like my first trip to Vegas and I didn't realize that every restaurant in Vegas has crazy decor. Now the screen saver behind plexi glass cubes on the wall don't look that hawt.

Chris and I ended up going twice cuz Cal and my Dad decided to invite us there later after we had already been once. So, here's what we had:

Hamachi Carpaccio with a little spicy dust on it

Kobe Tataki- tres delicieux

Toro Carpaccio

Soft Shell Crab Tempura in Miso Sauce

SO- This was all great. Yummy! My soft shell crab was a little oily. Everyone else had other types of things that I didn't take pictures. The fish was really great quality, flavors were clean and bold.

My problem is that the price was exorbitant. The food was good, don't get me wrong, but this type of fusion stuff just isn't fusion anymore. I can and do get similar or better quality food at the joint around the corner, Kanpai, in Palo Alto. We were paying for ambiance and being in Vegas.

Here's an example of some tuna carpaccio I had at Kanpai two nights ago with Audrey. The cost of this plate was about 3/4 the cost of the first plate...

Shoot, I can't find the wire to transfer pics. GAH.

OK, I found it. Here's the tuna carpaccio at Kanpai. Really delicious, sharp yuzu, and not that expensive.

I heart Kanpai, and I will post about it soon. The best waitress in the world, Kyo, works there! She's totally hot.


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