Monday, January 01, 2007

Island of Hogginess

Man, there have been so many blog worth experiences this weekend. First of all, if you're in the Bay Area and haven't been to the Farmer's Market in the Ferry Bldg in SF, you should go. I wouldn't buy produce there regularly, it's not that cheap (Mountain View farmer's market is cheap and way closer). But the ferry building has mad shops, restaurant and stands (Fatted Calf for eg!). I took my mom to check it out and luckily Hog Island, which is usually a mob scene, had a table open for us. HURRAH! This was the first meal of the day and my mother was pretty insistent that we not eat anything raw (le sad). So I got to experiment with some dishes that I normally don't get, since I almost always go raw at Hog Island. Everything we ordered was delicious and HIGHLY recommended.

We started with a lightly dressed baby greens salad. But that wasn't that unique.
Check this out!

Those are baked oysters. 4 oysters rockefeller on the left. 4 beurre blanc on the right. The rockefeller oysters are baked with a little spinach, a little cream, pernod and bread crumbs. The beurre blanc was a lemony butter sauce. Mom fell in love with the beurre blanc. It was like a light chowder.
Then she had an actual oyster stew and was way more enraptured.

This stuff doesn't look that special. But I promise, I've never tasted anything more incredible. The cream was so light! I don't know if they half whipped it or if it was cut with something. The oysters were ever so gently poached, tender and clean tasting. That's what is so wonderful about Hog Island, I am never worried about getting a bad oyster. It's fresh as fresh can be and there's never any odd sediment. Chris and I went up to the actual Hog Island farm shack for Valentine's Day last year.

Look at that grilled cheese. This is not a cheap grilled cheese- I think it was $9.00. Can you see that cheese oozing out? I think it was sharp cheddar. The pickles on the side were ever so lightly pickled zucchini. When I come back to Hog Island, I am definitely ordering this again. There was so much flavor, I didn't even need the mustard I usually crave.


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