Monday, January 01, 2007


Here's Dan modeling our New Year's Eve celebratory 1:30 am snizzack at Kennedy's- the perfect Irish pub/Indian resto. Fries with curry sauce to dip in. Paneer Pakora on the side. Guinness in hand. What you can't see is Saki flailing about right next to Dan. What a lil firecracker.

A pub that serves Indian is rare in the States, but not so in the UK. WHY! Why don't we have more here? Actually, instead of so much East Asian fusion, I'd like to see more Indian fusion. Zante's in SF has Indian food and pizza and a special Indian Pizza which I love. Actually, there are two haute Indian fusion places here in PA with sort of inconsistent quality, Junoon and Mantra. There's a place that's about to open in Mountain View called 'Temptations" which is Chinese-Indian fusion. We'll see what happens with this place. I think I ought to open a pub with Indian food here in PA. I'd be there all the time. ALL THE TIME.

This was one of my more favorite New Year's since in fact, I was planning on staying in, but then my mom fell asleep at 6, so it was all impromptu and filled with hilarity. I also don't think I've ever celebrated New Year's in sweats.

To come, I still need to post Bouchon in Vegas, Brother's Korean BBQ in SF, and a Shanghai style bfast in Mountain View and of course, Saki's Momma's cookie party.


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