Monday, January 08, 2007

Nak's- A Wee Shop

When my mom was visiting she was chagrined to learn that there was no Asian market in Palo Alto. I thought the one on Castro should be close enough, but she didn't really love it. It is a little dreary. Then Chris's cat lady landlord, who's also Japanese told him to check out Nak's Oriental Market, chock full of Japanese and Dutch (?) goods. It's not in walking distance, but it's eccentric and cute.

Nak's is on Chestnut Street, a little side street off of Santa Cruz, one of the main streets in Menlo.

Here's Chris nonchalantly modeling his weekend leisure apparel in front of the storefront. Chris is really tall, so you can sort of see how small Nak's is.

I took another picture inside to try and give a sense of the scale. This place is TINY. It's mostly stocked with packaged dry goods, but as you can see at Chris' feet, there's some produce. Also, there was a very small sashimi selection and some lovely galangal and other slightly hard to find veg.

This was our haul. Clockwise from the far left- Nori sheets that I used to pop like potato chips, Umeshyu, preserved plum wine, very sweet, Pocari Sweat sports drink, Peach soda with a marble in the neck (used to be necessary to keep the bubbles, I think), Yama Moto Yama Green tea, Sake, Instant noodles, Instant Miso, Ikura and NATTO!

More posts about Natto are surely coming up. Natto, for those that don't know is fermented soybean that is packaged with mustard and some other sort of sauce. It stinks, produces nasty mucous, and is supposedly very healthy (preventing osteoporosis, thrombosis and some other things). I like it with green onions and maguro.


Blogger kenja said...

Nak's Oriental Market Rocks!!! The store has been open for over 39 years now. This is probably the only little asian store left. All the big supermarkets have crushed the little stores down. Lets keep there business going. The mamasan and papasan store is run by Sam and Ikie Kurose. Here is the contact number if anyone needs to get in touch with them. 650-325-2046. Sam will also make a trip to ship your asian and dutch food items. The store gets Fresh Fish For sashimi / Sushi. Every Wed and Friday they get the fish FRESH. Other stores tend to have fish in stock for many weeks. If you want fresh fish. Call them Wed and Friday I belive. I am a fan of Nak's Market.


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