Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mountain View Farmer's Market is da Bomb

The Mountain View farmer's market is by FAR the best market on the Peninsula and it's much closer to us than the Ferry Building is. They have great prices, huge selection of produce and prepared, lots of samples, generous hours and they are open year round. They also have lots of harder to find veggies. I took a few pics but this doesn't give you a very good idea of their breadth. Since I don't like sweet things as much, I forgot to take any pics of all the baked goods, even though I got myself some Acme bread. There's a Chinese dumpling stand, cheeses, Indian and Pakistani food and lots of florist and gardener stands.

Little Kiddos can be amused too.

Oyster stand. He also makes a crazy tostada del mar.

Pretty produce

Daikon and scallions, farm fresh, look at how green the greens are for that daikon.

Sugar cane.


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