Sunday, January 21, 2007

Natto Pasta

I had said I would post more about natto, the unamerican soybean product. It's very healthy, it's slimy, smells horrible but tastes quite mild. I like it a lot. I generally just eat it with some brown rice, diced scallions and the little package of soy and mustard it comes with.

"In BrokeDaMouth world, Natto eats YOU! AAAAHHHHHH"

But yesterday, I was hungover and my mind was on Mars. I thought, heeeeey, why don't I make something crazy with natto. So, actually, natto pasta is not at all crazy. Do a search on natto recipes and you'll see all sorts of pasta and spaghetti recipes. I didn't bother to look a recipe up and winged it. I had some weird rolled up looking pasta lying around, some green onion/chive things growing outside, and a can of tuna. I threw in some soy sauce, the little packets of sauce the natto comes with, olive oil, some more mustard, and VOILA, my natto pasta was born.

It was very tasty and hit my hungover spot perfectly.

Natto pasta lookin slimy and gorgeous.


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